Kitchen Fire Stop
Kitchen Fire Stop
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False Fire Alarms: An Ongoing Problem at University Dorms

Shaviv Ben Neriah
10.12.22 11:40 PM Comment(s)

It’s a scene that’s all too familiar; students seeking refuge outside a campus dorm due to the fire alarm going off. It can happen to anyone at any time. Even in the middle of a winter night.

“When we had that really huge, awful snowstorm, I was just lying in my bed one night and had the lights off, and all of a sudden, this blinding light went off in my eyes. At first, she thought someone had simply taken a photo of her. But then came the noise.

“The alarm went off, and I was like, ‘Oh cool. Time to grab as many clothes as I can so that I can run out into the cold,’ she said her hallmates would come outside wrapped in towels, fresh from the shower desperately trying to stay warm in the freezing temperatures. The fire trucks came, but the cause of the alarm ended up being excess steam from an extra crispy bacon.”

This marked the fourth time that month that a false alarm went off, forcing residents to evacuate the building.

Other campus dorms have had their fair share of false fire alarms as well. Three out of the six dorms on dorm row have had their fire alarms go off in one month.

Many of the alarms are related to cooking, sometimes even overcooked popcorn, sometimes food left unattended.

If this problem sounds familiar, a residential cooktop suppression system might be what you need.

KITCHEN FIRE STOPis a fire suppression system that can stop fires, and reduce false alarms. With KITCHEN FIRE STOP, you have peace of mind knowing that your kitchen and tenants are protected from fire. KITCHEN FIRE STOP can also save you money on Fire department fees by severely reduces the likelihood of false alarms, allowing you to change the smoke detectors to heat detectors with confidence.

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